Saturday, November 1, 2008

EURO 2012 - Poland Trying to Break Down with Ukraine

There’s a bit of a row brewing between Euro 2012 lovebirds/co-hosts Poland and Ukraine.
Poland were originally in trouble with FIFA over government interference in football, but that was solved by the recent election of Grzegorz Lato as the new Polish FA (PZPN) President. And then Lato opened his mouth and said this to TVN News: “If Ukraine doesn’t make it on time then we can organise the tournament together with Germany.”
Ouch. You ever had your significant other announce their intention to cheat on you? That’s probably how Ukraine feel right about now. But what if your other half also pointed out all your flaws and announced to the world that they don’t even need you, because you’re broke?
Apparently Lato suggested Poland could host the tournament solo if necessary. Even worse, Polish state news agency PAP apparently that Ukraine had stopped about 80 percent of its preparations for hosting the tournament due to an ongoing financial crisis. Understandably, Ukraine is feeling a little hard done by.

Ukraine’s sports minister Yuri Pavlenko wants to know why Poland are already dividing : “I have officially demanded an explanation from my colleague, the Polish minister of sports, for the statements that were made … Such comments should not be made. Poland and Ukraine are one team preparing for Euro 2012. Two states — one tournament.”

Or maybe not. Lato should be careful what he asks for, because he might just get it. By putting the idea of Germany hosting out there, Lato could have opened the Euro 2012 Pandora’s Box that leaves Poland and Ukraine out in the cold, and Germany hosting Euro 2012 solo.

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