Monday, November 24, 2008

Uefa Champions League - Matchday 5

Oh just we finished up my weekends the lot of European football from the land of English, Spanish and Italy. So in this mid-week Uefa Champions League is back and indeed, some excitement is afoot as we reach the climax. With just this and then one more fixture after this, teams really have to step up if they want to get out of their groups. Some teams can do it this week if they get wins, draws or rely on other results. I shall be giving you, group by group, the full situation below.

There are some great games to be looking forward to, as always. Barca take on Sporting Lisbon, Liverpool play Marseille, Atletico take on PSV, Man United have got a big one against Villarreal, Lyon play Fiorentina, Arsenal take on Kiev with their all new captain.

Group A
So Group A is where we’ll start, although the first half of the draw plays Wednesday. Roma will want revenge as they play their return match with Cluj, and Chelsea can qualify with a win against Bordeaux.

Chelsea 7

Roma 6

Bordeaux 6

Cluj 4

So, Chelsea will be in the KO stage if they beat Bordeaux. Cluj however will not be able to make the knockouts if they lose against Roma.

Group B
Italian leaders Inter Milan take on Panathinaikos, while surprise package Anorthosis take on surprise bottom of the group Bremen.

Inter 8

Anorthosis 5

Panathinaikos 4

Bremen 3
So (Deep Breath), Inter will qualify for the KO draw with just a apoint against Pana. If they win, and so do Anorthosis, Anorthosis, will amazingly be in the KO draw as well. If Bremen lose they won’t be able to get through, if they draw they’ll be relying on the other game.

Group C

Group C is all said and done, save for who is going to get the UEFA cup spots. Already. Sporting play Barca and in the big one at the other end of the table, Shakthar take on Basel.
Barca 10

Sporting 9

Shakhtar 3

Basel 1
So with Barca and Sporting already in the next round, if Shakhtar win, they will be in the UEFA cup. If Basel win, they are in with a chance, but it will depend on the last results. When they play the reserves of the big boys.

Group D

The last of the Wednesday groups is interestingly set up still. Liverpool take on Marseille and PSV are up against

Atletico Madrid 8

Liverpool 8

Marseille 3

So Liverpool are through if they win, or they draw and Athletico win or draw. The same is true of the reverse situation, if Atletico win, or they draw and Liverpool win or draw. Both PSV and Maeseille can kiss goodbye any hopes of getting through if they loose.

Group E
Tuesday’s games then. Man United take on Villarreal and Celtic have got Aalborg. Hopefully the ref will send off the right player this time round.

Man United 8

Villarreal 8

Celtic 2

Aalborg 2
So If Man United and Villarreal play out a draw, they are both through. Whichever wins, is through. If Celtic win, and Man United win, Celtic just have to beat Villarreal next time out. Aalborg meanwhile, have to hope Villarreal win, and they win against Celtic AND Man United. Tall order.

Group F for DeaTH.
Lyon take on Fiorentina in the group of Death, while Bayern take on Steaua.

Lyon 8

Bayern 8

Fiorentina 3

Steaua 1
So if Lyon get at least a draw against Fiorentina, they’ll be through. Bayern just have to beat Steaua, or hope Lyon win, and they are through. Steaua won’t make the UEFA cup if they loose and Fiorentina win.

Group G
Arsenal play against Kiev, while Fener entertain Porto.

Arsenal 8

Porto 6

Dynamo Kiev 5

Fenerbache 2
Arsenal just need a 0-0 or a win against Dynamo to see them through. POrto will be through if they win and Arsenal get at least a draw.

Group H
Juventus are already through, so congratulations to them, Rest of the group is still tight as they play Zenit and Real take on BATE.

Juve 10

Real Madrid 6

Zenit 4

If Real win and Juve win or draw, then they will be joining the Turin giants in the next round. Zenit will need to win against the already through Italians though, so anything can really happen.

Four players sit on 4 goals at the moment, Berbatov, Del Piero, Messi and Gerrard.

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