Thursday, July 24, 2008

Aresnal signing is over ?...

Arsenal FC is finished up with the transfer window for this season. Answer comes NO, notyet. Still they need 2 to 3 more signings needed to strengthen the squad and to challengethe Premier League and Champions League. So far 3 players have left Emirates Stadium and all the 3 players are class on their own as well for Arsenal. First to go is Flamini, nowhe is in AC Milan. Then Barcelona captured Hleb and finally Gilberto Silva who joined for Greek giants Panathinaikos. And for the last 1 month Adebayor's transfer made big news inthis transfer window. Wenger tagged 30 million Euros for this Togo player. He was linkedto move to AC Milan. Now Adebayor finally said "i will stay in Emirates".
Arsenal have some problems in backline and midfield area. First they need a great goal keeper who can replace likes of Seaman and Lehmann. In backline, therez major draw back was Center Back. Senderos is the weakest link. But still they have Gallas, Toure and Hoyete. They need 1 solid center back.

Arsenal recently signed French Samir Nasri after departure of Flamini, Hleb and Gilberto.Tomas Rosicky is still injured and unlikely to start the season. So again they need tosign quality players in this department. Here, they need a solid defensive midfielders. Ibet on Turkey's Mehmet Topal who is just 22, he can be played as Defensive Midfielder orCenter Back and another is Mehmet Aurelio who is superb Defensive Midfielder. Or Wenger can opt for Portugal's Moutinho he is also young. In this department they have someunderrated players in Abou Diaby, Aleksandor Song and Denilson this two can step up. Theyhave Aaron Ramsey who is just 17 years and he is not the regular starter for Cardiff. Sofor this season he'll be out of equation until ge get some regular starts. All theresponsbility will loaded to Fabregas till Rosicky gets fitter. To start the season andto stay top of the table Fabregas need a partner right away.
Arsenal have strong attack in front in Adebayor, Van Persie, Bendtner, Walcott and Eduardo. Here still Eduardo is unfit to start the season. For me Van Persie should play as left midfield role just like what Podolski did for Germany in Euro 2008. Then Walcott and Bendtner gets more chances.

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