Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Replace Zhirkov for Nedved

Juventus should find a faster replacement for older Pavel Nedved who is 36 years old. Its better to find someone who can fill in Nedved's shoes right away and to challenge the Scudetto and Champions League. Nedved is still fit and he can play a bit longer, but now he have tired legs and he wont be the same Nedved when he came to Delle Alpi. In the Juventus team they have very young left back in Paolo de Ceglie who is energetic, pacy runner down the flanks and explosive shots. To support Ceglie we need someone who is very similar to him but not Nedved. So if i was Ranieri then i would have been signed Russia's Left Back & Left Midfield Yuri Zhirkov. He is the hero for Russia in this edition of Euro 2008 where he played Left Back role solidly. He have provided great killing crosses to Pavlyuchenko.
Yes he is the answer and he is the right replacement for Nedved. Moreoverly, he is just 25 years, and his style of play suits Serie A league and Juventus play. Now he plays for Russia's club CSKA Moscow. In Russia he called as "RUSSIAN RONALDINHO". He have great dribling skills, audacity, trickery and abundance of creativity makes him one of the most prized assets for CSKA Moscow and Russia. Zhirkov is very hard worker who often tracks back, he is solid marker and finest sliding tackler.
In July first week Chelsea and Celtic have approched him. Before its get too late Juventus should sign him up. He have great qualities and 11 years younger than Nedved. Nedved dont have a scavenging run. In the right side Juve have Camoranesi and partnering Zhirkov on left side will prove great for Juventus. Nedved also plays as an Attacking Midfield role. Still he is class player, but the only major draw back for him is age. How long his engine runs. So right away buy ZHIRKOV...

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