Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kenyon : Proper Enforcement on Player Contracts...

Interesting comments from Chelsea chief exec Peter Kenyon today while on the club’s Asian tour. He basically wants some sort of enforcement of player’s contracts, so they can’t just decide they want out and agitate for a transfer while under contract:

The contract stability issue is really important for football at every level,” Kenyon.

No one is forced into a contract… we`re expected to (honour contracts) and our players should be too. Football has got to look at this seriously".

You need to be able to think this is not just my team for this season, but these guys are here two or three years".
“If fans thought next year there would be a new squad of 23 players, the game would also lose something.

That might seem a bit rich coming from Peter Kenyon, who - fairly or unfairly - has come to pretty much personify the evil businessman side of modern football. But the man has a point.
Players sign contracts for massive massive money. And no one puts a gun to their head and makes them sign (that we know of, anyway). And that piece of paper should mean that player is committed to that club until 1) the contract runs out or 2) the club agree a transfer fee with another club.

That’s the theory anyway. Reality is usually a bit different.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a great example. He recently signed a long term, big money deal at Manchester United, only to spend the summer squirming around for a move to Real Madrid, despite Man Utd’s insistence that they don’t want to sell.

So what can be done?

Maybe an end to the transfer market and an embrace of American style free agency? It would prevent players moving before their contracts were up, though the downside would be an economic disaster for smaller clubs who survive by selling players.

Maybe FIFA take serious action against clubs who tap up players under contract. Recent complaints from Man Utd about Real Madrid and from Spurs about Liverpool & (ironically) Man Utd have so far yielded nothing. Maybe if there was some serious punishment for tempting unavailable players (eg points deduction) then clubs would be a little more wary and players would be a little less tempted.

If this is the case for kenyon then why the Chelsea are trying to sign Real Madris forward Robinho for 30 million Pounds who signed 5 year contract with this club.

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