Monday, July 28, 2008

Will Moutinho Play in Goodison Park...

Sporting Lisbon has rejected the 11.8 million Pounds bid from Everton for Portugese young Defensive and Central Midfield player Jose Moutinho. Already Moyes had signed Yakubu for little more than 10 million Pounds. Earlier he has said that he dosent want to break the bank and reach the Top 4 in EPL.

But now Moyes his desperate to sign Moutinho. He is ready spend big to bring Moutinho in Goodison Park. Sporting Lisbon has clearly stated that the offer from Everton has been politley declined. Sporting Lisbon have said that they do not want to sell Moutinho and insist Everton have missed the June 15 deadline to activate the 19.7 million Pounds release clause in his contract. It means that Moyes has to shell some more money to sign this beautiful young player.

Moutinho determined to join Goodison Park saying "i hope that the negotiations finish positively". I guess this is the ploy from Sporting Lisbon to get more money or to avoiding Everton to not to sign this player. Adding Moutinho in the Everton basket will be very crucial to the Goodison Park.

Desperatley Moyes needs to sign Moutinho as they need to strengthen their midfield department. They need someone who can create the things and to move on with the game.

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