Thursday, July 31, 2008

Villa's Sorensen in Stoke City

After being released by Aston Villa at the end of last season, Thomas Sorensen has now signed a three year contract with Premiership new-comers Stoke City. Sorensen fell down the ladder at Villa not too long after Martin O’Neill’s arrival and was eventually allowed to leave when his contract expired a few months ago.
Thomas Sorensen came to Villa from Sunderland, where he was hailed as a hero, and had a number of very successful seasons with us. But his luck changed towards the end of the season before last when he slipped from favour and lost his place in the starting line-up, never to return, with not a single appearance in his final season.

Despite his souring final year at Villa though, Sorensen is still remembered fondly by the Villa faithful, as an excellent shot-stopper and huge commanding presence at the back. Thomas was often seen ‘encouraging’ (and by that I mean ’screaming at’) the Villa back four, who for a number of his seasons were not the best defence in the league.

So good luck to Tommy at Stoke City, I hope you do excellently there and have more success… oh but try to let 3 or 4 in when playing against the Villa!

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