Friday, August 1, 2008

Berbatov : To Leave or Not To...

There have been many articles written and views expressed about the future of Dimitar Berbatov, is he staying, is he going? Should we try to keep him or should we cash in now?

There are good arguments for both and each argument certainly has its merits but like most Spurs fans I have had enough and want the whole saga to end so here are my final comments on the matter and I have promised myself not to mention it again after this.

Of course we all know that Berbatov is a fantastically talented player and currently one of the best strikers in world football and to lose him would be a real blow. Those who are in the ‘we should keep him at any cost camp' point to the fact that he is irreplaceable and however many millions we sell him for we could not get a player of his calibre in. It is true to say that Berbatov has been integral to the way the team play over the last two seasons. Not only does he score goals but he creates just as many and it is certainly no coincidence that the departed Robbie Keane has been in the best form of his career in the two seasons that he has been playing alongside the Bulgarian, Could he do the same for Dos Santos or Bent?

It is also true that taking the money isn't the be all and end all and doesn't necessarily mean that a suitable replacement can be found. We all remember the sale of Michael Carrick to Manchester United and how that seriously set us back, although we had little choice but to take the money on that occasion.

There are those who believe that we should cash in on Berbatov now because they don't like the fact that he sulks around the pitch looking like he couldn't give a damn and they have had enough of him. They point to the fact that if we can collect £25-30 million for him that it would be fantastic business for the club and we can buy a very good alternative. They also argue that selling Berbatov would benefit the way the team performs as we wouldn't be so reliant on him.
Both sides have very valid points but my argument has nothing to do with money or the success of the team, or even his attitude on the pitch. Quite simply the reason why I hope the club do everything in their power to keep him is that I love watching the guy play football. I was lucky enough to watch Hoddle, Waddle, Gazza and Ginola play for Spurs and Berbatov falls into that group of players. They all have one thing in common and that is the ability to leave football supporters open mouthed and awestruck with the things they are able to do on the football pitch.

That is why I love football, winning trophies is wonderful but as Chelsea fans have found out, winning isn't the be all and end all. What is the point in winning trophies when the fans that are watching you aren't enjoying it? First and foremost I want to be entertained when I watch a football game and players like Berbatov are the guys who provide this entertainment. He can do things with a football that I couldn't even dream of doing. That is why I would be gutted if we sold Dimitar because it would deprive me of being able to watch him play football at White Hart Lane.

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