Sunday, August 3, 2008

Gunners Gun Down Lehmann...

Jens Lehmann left Arsenal for VfB Stuttgart in a bit of a strop. I know Jens Lehmann does everything in a bit of a strop, but his Emirates exit was particularly grumpy. So how could Arsenal make Mad Jens even madder? By scoring all over him on his Stuttgart debut of course.

It briefly looked like Lehmann would get some revenge when his old enemy Manuel Almunia was beaten by Yildiray Basturk to give Stuttgart a 1-0 lead, but young Carlos Vela, Nicklas Bendtner and Jack (name to remember) Wilshere all put the ball past old man Lehmann (who’s much more than twice 16 year old Wilshere’s age) to give Arsenal a 3-1 win, and Lehmann something else to be miserable about.

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