Friday, August 8, 2008

Man Utd Youths Should Get A Grip Over Ronaldo Dilemma...

So then, after weeks of speculation Ronaldo has confirmed that he's staying, the boo-boys among United's support are now faced with the dilemma of what to do when Ronaldo scores his next goal for the club. Do they cheer, do nothing and act as if nothing has happened?

To be honest, I couldn't care less, because if these so called fans cannot appreciate that Ronaldo was always going to want to play for Madrid given where he comes from then there's no hope really.
What's more the unpalatable truth is that it's highly likely Ronaldo will not be the last United player who will want to join Madrid or Barcelona at some point, especially with so many Brazilians at the club right now. On that note last night the Reds took on Juventus in what turned out to be something of a 0-0 pre-season yawn, that is except for two excellent second-half performances from substitutes Rafael da Silva and Rodrigo.
Rafael is grabbing the Lion's share of the headlines, but I'm personally a lot more excited about his compatriot Rodrigo - his passing and the way he retains possession of the ball for the team in any given situation means it's highly likely that he will soon displace John O'Shea and Darren Fletcher for any midfield slots.
Compare and contrast the distribution of John O'Shea who at times was causing more problems for the United back four than the visitors attack, but when Rodrigo came on he looked class. It's not beyond the realms of possibility that Rodrigo or Rafael could one day be on Real's radar, so we United fans will no doubt have to endure more of tedious speculation linking our stars to the Spanish champions.
I personally despise everything about Real Madrid and their slimeball president; his club have done everything within their powers to unsettle Ronaldo in a bid to create friction between the player, the club and its supporters. For me the fact that United and importantly Ferguson, got what he wanted is a victory, a lesser manager would have caved in under the weight of pressure.
I'd love nothing more than the Reds to meet Real Madrid this season and grind them into the Old Trafford turf in doing so knocking them out of the Champions League. Make no mistake, Real Madrid are the ones we should be warring with - not each other, or our star player.
One final question to anyone who is thinking about booing Ronaldo. Who will laugh the loudest when this happens? Our rivals that's who. We will be a collective laughing stock - please do not let his come to being and yes I know that Ronaldo played his part in this sorry saga, let us get the very best of him while he is still with us. We have more chance of retaining the big one with Ronaldo as opposed to without him.

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