Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brazil : Mission Olympics 2008 FAILED...

Ronaldinho couldn’t break the curse and earn Brazil their first golden medal in football in the Olympics after losing miserably 3-0 to Argentina. The Argentine boys fully deserved the victory after out playing Brazil in the game. Even though Brazil hit the cross bar twice in the game, they couldn’t capitalize and lost the game.

In my opinion, I believe Dunga is the one to blame for their loss. He didn’t learn from his mistakes against Cameron. Regarding Dinho, he didn’t give him a free role, more of a very limited restricted role that practically made him ineffective and hopeless. But also to be fair, Dinho didn’t perform as expected even from his position, a mere few passes and a free kick.
Here is what Dinho had to say after the game,
At the moment there’s nothing that could cheer me up, the disappointment is huge. I don’t know why but at the Olympics, Brazil always fail. Right now I’m not feeling good, but we have to react and think about the bronze. I’m the old head of the group, after all.”

Let’s hope this dark cloud over his head passes asap.
The game for the bronze medal against Belgium will be played on the 21st of August. Both teams met in the group stage with Brazil coming out as the winners with a 1-0 victory. After that Ronaldinho is expected to be back at Milan to train and get ready for the Serie A season which starts on August 30/31st.

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