Monday, August 4, 2008

Will Cisse Come Back to EPL...

Mark Hughes has a striker crisis on his hands at the Eastlands. With Jo playing for Brazil this summer in the Olympics and Benjani currently on the mend, Hughes has a serious striker shortage. Could a certain ex-Liverpool striker be a short-term answer to the club’s biggest issue?

Manchester City are seeking a loan deal for Olympique Marseille striker Djibril Cisse.
According to some sources says City boss Mark Hughes’ negotiators have approached Marseille, but he’s unwilling to pay the £8million asking price.

Instead, City want former Liverpool ace Cisse, 26, for a year on loan with a view to a full-time transfer.
Whilst Marseille are insistent on making Cisse a permanent player at Man City next season, Hughes might have no choice but to haggle with the French club for Cisse’s services. The former Liverpool man has made it clear in the past that he’d like to make a move back to the Premier League, but it remains to be seen if the club is desperate enough to take Cisse for a transfer fee that is surely too high for a player that is nothing more than a stop-gap replacement.

What do Man City supporters think about a move for Cisse? Is he really the stop-gap striker Man City have been looking for?
Well i like this striker, Rafa didnt like Cisse just because of his outside antics. He scored in FA Cup final coming from the bench and won UEFA Super Cup single handedly. I guess he could do great job for Machester City and paying 8 million Dollar for a striker. It dosent cost too much.

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