Monday, August 18, 2008

Moyes Much Worried Man in EPL...

David Moyes would have been banging on the door of the boardroom this morning with a long list of names in his hand. He would have been pleading with Bill Kenwright and chums to put the plans of the new stadium down before strapping them down and forcing them to watch a tape of Saturday’s match.

Seven new names on the bench and a debut for 17yr old Jack Rodwell in centre midfield tell the story of the current dire situation at Everton. Rodwell performed admirably, but making your Premier League bow against a notoriously tough tackling Blackburn midfield would have been hard for a seasoned professional, let alone a debutant.

In truth, I don’t know whether many of the kids are ready,” Moyes said.

However, it is not as if he has any other options. A criminal lack in depth and the club’s stagnation in the transfer market as all of their rivals spent big can only going to result in one thing this season. It is important that the club do not waste what they have built up in recent years as they are vital challengers to the Big Four. As it stands, Everton are the link between the Champions League and the rest of the Premier League. However, if they do not bring anybody in they are most likely to finish in mid-table this season, and Moyes knows it.

I said in the summer that I needed to get five players. It could now be six or seven. Making signings was of a priority at the end of last season and that hasn’t changed.” Moyes said.

So why aren’t the club buying anyone? Some of the projected signings have fallen through – could it be that Goodison Park is not that appetising the foreign players Moyes is chasing? Or are the problems much more deep-rooted? Is all of the money tied up in stadium negotiations or are the board just reacting slowly in the football world?

But how much more of this will Moyes take? He will not want a mid table finish on his CV after gaining some consistency at the top of the league; how much longer will he put up with the situation?

Go and ask to every Everton fans that do they need of new stadium, the outcome will be NO. This can jeopardise Everton season in sake of new stadium that no one wants.

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